Helping Your Child Choose the Right Bank Account

This is step seven. If you haven’t completed steps 1-6, visit the Workstars
Challenge Summary Page.

Step seven is the weekly family meeting. For the family
meeting you call each child in one-by-one with their chart in hand from the
following week. You discuss the week and let them “spend” their stars in the
family store.

As a parent, this is my favorite part of the program – it’s the “
payoff” for all the hard work put in the prior week. The reason I love it is
because it is a special time set aside each week to have a one-on-one discussion
with each of my children.

Until starting this program, I always thought I was
communicating well with my children about their behavior. What I realized was I
was only communicating immediately following the behavior problem, (which is
necessary) which was almost always in an angry tone. Some children will change
behavior, but others react differently to this type of parenting.

The weekly
family meeting gives you the chance to review the following week. What went well?
What needs to improve?

My favorite question is to ask our kids, “What do you
think you need to improve on from last week?” It will literally shock you how
self-aware your kids are! Follow up with, “How do you think you can make this
For me, this is when it hit me that we had something special with
the Workstars Family Economy System. It’s a framework for parents to have a
conversation with their children about their behavior and to teach them how to be
a good person.

It’s also a chance to show your kids how much they have
accomplished over the last week. Praise can be a huge motivator for your child
and they can have great self-accomplishment in reviewing an entire week of work.

This is the last true “step” in the Workstars Family Economy System. For the
last 5 steps we will discuss some other great items you can implement in the

If you are enjoying the system, we would for you to share it with your
friends and family. We feel strongly that this system can help families and we
would love your help in spreading our message.

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