Workstars Challenge

Welcome to the Workstars Challenge! ?If you’ve already received your free
printable Workstars Family Economy System and as you read it you thought, “Wow
this is a lot of information!” ?You are in the right place.

The Workstars
Challenge was designed to help take a step-by-step approach to learning and
implementing the system. ?It will also introduce you to our community, which you
will find to be a great resource for helping you implement your own family
economy system.

Oh and did I mention there are prizes involved?!? ?We will
randomly select 3 individuals who complete all 14 steps to win $50 CASH!

BONUS (This is only for the focus group) – EVERYONE who completes the challenge
will receive a free surprise gift ($30 value) from us!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank
you, for participating. ?We truly love our community and feel it will be a great
resource for all involved to help motivate and teach our kids the importance of
money and work.

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