Step 7 Family Meeting

As you’ve read in the Workstars Family Economy System, the first step of the
system is to establish a Family Store. The store should have items or privileges
that really motivate your child. Here are a few examples (you can also visit this
post for other ideas):
Money – We are huge proponents of having money in the
family store. With using money, you can also teach many other principles such as
saving, tithing, money management, etc. We use the system to not only teach
chores, but to also teach other life lessons.
Toys – Find something your child
really loves. Motivation is key with the System.
Tech Time – If your kids love
playing video games, this should be part of your store. One mom in our community
doesn’t allow video games during the week, but allows her kids to purchase tech
time in the family store to use during the week (after chores are done, of
course!) If you have gamers, this can be a huge motivator.
Experiences – A “Date
with Dad” or an “Ice Cream with Mom” have been huge hits. You could also put
vacations in the family store. Your kids will appreciate that trip to Disneyland
more if they’ve earned it!

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