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Step six is all about the Self-Starter aspect of the Workstars Family Economy
System. If you look closely at the Workstars Chart, the Self-Starter row is the
ONLY row that is not customizable. This is because being a Self-Starter is at the
core of the Workstars System.

This star is given when your child reaches Rockstar
Status without you asking or nagging them to do their chores.
The first time your
child earns a Self-Starter star, don’t wait until the family store…REWARD THEM
NOW! Have something in mind that they will get excited about – like drop
everything and go out for ice cream, give them extra tech time, give them a toy
they really want. Make sure and also give a lot of praise and let them know the
reward they just received was from their Self-Starter work.

Teaching your child to
be a self-starter can be the difference between success and failure with the
Workstars System. Whenever they accomplish the Self-Starter, make sure and praise

You don’t want to give them an immediate reward every time they earn Self-
Starter, but we are in favor of doing it often. Especially if you notice your
kids losing motivation; that may be a good way to surprise them with an immediate
Self-Starter reward.

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