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When I was in Jr. High I had a friend who I always envied…he had the perfect
mom.? We would go over to his house after school and it was spotless.? I mean
“eat off the floor” kind of spotless.? His mom kept things very nice and always
had some great treat prepared for us.

We would even go to his room and she had
made his bed perfectly; she had done all his laundry and folded it with
perfection; his room was organized in some complicated but perfect fashion;
everything was in its place and amazing.

I remember thinking, “Wow he has the
cleanest mom!”? I think I may have even explained this phenomenon to my own
mother in hopes that she would model her cleaning habits after the mother of my

Well…fast forward to the year 2014.? At the age of 33, my friend JUST
moved out of his parent’s house!? Not that this was the reason, but it
definitely was a contributing factor.

If you’ve found yourself thinking you have
some similarities to my friend’s mom, we love you and respect you (my friend’s
mom is still an amazing person); but we’re going to show you – according to
several case studies – why this practice is not helping your child.

Chores Make
Kids Happier

I know what you’re thinking, “Uh…you should come take a look at my
kids when I ask them to do chores, they are NOT happy!”

This is the case with
many kids these days.? Did you know, in the early 1900s, orphaned teenage boys
used to be the easiest to place in a foster home?? It was because they could and
would work the hardest and be a great contribution to the family.? Today, teenage
boys are the hardest to place in foster homes.? We are asking our children to do
less and less, which is breeding lazy, entitled habits.

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