A family store

Now that you’ve read through your Workstars Family Economy System, established a
family store, and chosen chores using the Workstars Chart you are ready to
present the system to your family.

If you are married or in a relationship, it is extremely important to discuss the
system together before presenting to your children. The system will not work
unless both partners are fully on-board. There are a few preparations you will
need to make before presenting:

Place a value on the items in your family store. This is easily done by buying
some blank stickers and writing the number of stars needed to purchase the item.
As a rule of thumb, we recommend using a 3 stars = $0.25 in value. You can use
this equation with money in your family store as well (if you decide to have
money in your store). For older (teenage) children, you may want to increase the
value to ensure they are fully motivated.
Print out a chart for each child with the chores you have chosen for them.
After your preparations are complete, gather your family together for a family
meeting. Explain to them that you will be implementing a new “Family Economy
System” where they can earn stars to redeem in the family store.

Show them the family store (best kept in a basket or tub you can hide away later)
and the items you have chosen for them. Make sure and be as positive and
uplifting as possible when talking about the System.
After explaining the family store, hand out each child’s chart. Have them write
their name on their chart and fill out any other parts (parent’s choice, kids
choice). Find a openly viewed area of the house and hang up the charts.

One other thing you could do is to walk around the house as you go through each
chore with your children. You can then visually show them which areas they will
be cleaning. You can also show them what the acceptable cleaning level will be in
that area.

After that you are all set. Don’t forget to explain there will be no privileges
until Rockstar Status is achieved. We will explore Rockstar Status more in step

We’re excited for you to introduce this to your family! We hope your kids are
really excited to get going!

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