The Workstars Chart

Now that you have presented the Workstars Chart to your family, it’s time to
implement the program.

The first thing your kids are working toward is “Rockstar Status”.? It’s
important to explain to them that they will have NO PRIVILEGES until they have
reached Rockstar Status.? This means no 1) electronics, 2) television, 3) playing
with friends, etc. until they have completed the chores above Rockstar Status.

We’ve tried several other chore charts with our kids and found that if they were
receiving rewards for every chore they did, they started asking for rewards for
everything (Dad, can I have a star for buckling myself in my car-seat…um no).?
They are rewarded once they achieve Rockstar Status, but receive no stars and no
privileges until all chores are complete.

This will teach them that there are some chores that need to be done just because
they are a part of the family.

Honestly, this is the hardest part of the entire system.? If you are disciplined
and enforce no privileges until Rockstar Status is complete, we guarantee you
will have success.? This is where we see the division take place between parents
who succeed with the program and parents who give up.

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