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Surprisingly, the researchers found that when the teens were completing chores
not only did they not have stress, but had feelings of happiness.? At first this
may seem counter-intuitive, but I know at our house sometimes it’s tough to get
the kids to start cleaning but once they get started they realize they actually
enjoy work and find it self-fulfilling.

The research also showed that kids who did more chores than their peers showed
greater feelings of happiness and well-being.? How many of you know a mean,
entitled, selfish young man or woman who comes from a family who owns a farm?? In
my experience, these are some of the nicest, happiest, most humble people I
know.? There is definitely a correlation between hard work and happiness.

How Do I Get My Kids to Do Chores?

So if we know work will make our kids happier and better people, what can we do
(short of moving to a dairy farm J) to get our kids to do more chores?

Well, each child and each family is different, but here are some ideas that you
can think about implementing in your own family:
<li>We use the Workstars Family Economy System with our kids. This is
somewhat of a shameless plug (because we designed the system), but we and
hundreds of other families have seen great success with the system.? You can
learn more here.</li>
<li>Use another chore chart system. There are plenty of great ideas and
systems out there.? Find one that will motivate your child and use it.? Positive
motivation is key.</li>
<li>Use a commission system. I am NOT a fan of allowances.? Who wants to
teach their kids they get money for doing nothing?? If your kids are of the age
they want to save and buy things, use commissions to pay for chores.? This is
great training for the real world.</li>
<li>Create a family store. This is also part of the Workstars Family
Economy System, but is pretty self-explanatory.? Get some items that your
children really enjoy and put them in a family store.? Have them earn the items
throughout the week and generate some excitement by letting your children see
what’s in the family store.</li>
<li>Cut them off. If you have teenagers, stop funding their entitlement
attitude.? At age 14 explain to them that they need to save for a car and it will
not be given to them with a bow on their 16<sup>th</sup>? Set up a matching
system where you can help them learn to save and feel what “delayed
gratification” means.</li>
There are many other ideas and resources on our site to kick-start building new
work habits with your children.? Please take a look around.

Depending on the age of your child, these habits could be deeply entrenched.? It
will pay HUGE dividends to start early, but it’s never too late to help your
kids learn to enjoy work.

So, the next time your kid whines about doing their chores, just take a deep
breath and remember, “Chores Will Make Them Happier!”

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